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"I had the pleasure of working with Kimberly in my recent placement. From the date of initial contact all the way up through my eventual hire – and even after – Kimberly was there to walk me through the entire process. Of course, most important is the fit when considering making a jump to a new opportunity. Kimberly excellently defined the position and I was fortunate enough she reached out to me as a potential fit for it. At an early stage in my career, I had not worked with a recruiter before and truly did not know what to expect in the process. Kimberly alleviated the stress that came along with a drawn out interview process. I was well prepared and confident prior to entering each round of interviews. Kimberly stayed in constant contact with the firm and did everything she could to move the process along. After a great deal of sleepless nights, all was well, and I was ecstatic to receive an offer from the firm. Kimberly is a strong advocate and simply a good person to work with. I would (and have) strongly recommend her to any of my contacts. I would recommend the same to you."
From Associate Attorney, National Law Firm
“Kimberly is highly competent, well-respected legal recruiter who truly cares about placing candidates in the right position. I would recommend her to anyone in the Atlanta market looking for the right lateral move. Kimberly placed me with an amazing firm that precisely fit what I was looking for both in terms of work and personality.”
From Associate Attorney, National Law Firm
I have been impressed with the professionalism displayed by CambridgeStaff during the interviewing process, prompt recruiter follow-up while on assignment and receiving paychecks in a timely manner. Steve Stone has been a true pleasure to work with and has been helpful in assisting me on a number of occasions
From Caroline Grant, Esq. (Contract Attorney)
Our family recently moved to Georgia from Indiana due to my husband's relocation and after 10 years with my previous employer, I was on the job market again and to me, that particular process could not have been a more daunting necessity. I then received a telephone call late one evening and the mere excitement in her voice regarding potential career opportunities for me was so reassuring! Immediately she was matching my personality with several amazing employers and within a very short time, my interviews resulted in several offers from which I was able to choose; a process that took less than 3 weeks! Incredible! I cannot begin to thank you and the other Cambridge recruiters enough for their confidence in my abilities, dedication to their work, their frequent contact with me to keep me involved in the career search process as well as their honesty and integrity. I am still in shock that I am now a part of this awe-inspiring corporation and owe my deep gratitude to you and the other recruiters at Cambridge for literally making this dream career come true for me.
From Denise Angel
After more than 10 years in the legal field, I found myself in the job market this past summer. What could have been an extremely stressful time turned out to be the perfect career opportunity. I was very much impressed by your dedication, frequent contact with me throughout the search process and overall integrity, especially in the current economic climate. Cambridge is the consummate professional group. Not only did you do a wonderful job matching my experience and skills with the right employer, you also made a note of my "wish list." I felt secure knowing that you knew my professional background and the type of environment in which I would flourish. I want to take this opportunity to thank the entire Cambridge Professional staff. You are phenomenal!
From Diana Atkinson
I wanted to take the time to tell you about my experience with one of your recruiters and staff. When I first entered the job market in January I had no idea what to expect. Your office staff was great with helping with the computer testing and paperwork. You were unable to find me a job in legal marketing solely because of my lack of experience since I was fresh out of college. My recruiter would e-mail me or call at least once a week to check in and to encourage me to keep my head up and never give up. You were very professional and provided me more support than any other headhunter I had the opportunity to work with in Atlanta. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you when I have a little more experience under my belt. Thanks to you also for running a great team that is top notch. I have other friends that I am recommending to Cambridge everyday.
From Kyle Cribbs
After posting my resume' online, I received a call from CambridgeStaff within minutes. Not only was an interview scheduled with CambridgeStaff for the following day, but my meeting with them was wonderful! The staff treated me with personal care and respect, and immediately made me feel at ease. They determined exactly what my skills and strong points were and then took the time for a personal interview to ask what I was looking for in a position. Two interviews were immediately scheduled and I found myself interviewing with two major Atlanta law firms the following day! You were so articulate in determining exactly which firms I would best fit, and would best fit me, that I was offered both jobs in my first two interviews! I am happy to report that within three days of posting my resume' with CambridgeStaff, I accepted a position with a beginning salary of $14,500 more annually than I had been earning after eight years of employment with another law firm! Thank you CambridgeStaff. You've changed my life. You're the greatest!
From Legal Assistant Candidate
My experience with Cambridge Counsel has continued to exceed even my own very high expectations. When I reflect on my experience, I often find myself in a state of wonder and amazement at how the simple act of submitting my resume through Cambridge's website was the catalyst for the eagerly anticipated next step in the evolution of my life. My "entrance interview" with Steve Stone was different than those I had at other legal staffing agencies. At Cambridge, with Steve, I truly felt a human connection. Steve asked me all the pertinent questions regarding my academic and professional background. I expect no less from such a well-renowned agency. However, what I did not expect was the genuine personal interest Steve showed in my responses. I shared with him the great work experiences I had over the past couple of years since moving to Atlanta, but I told him that I had already reached a point in my burgeoning legal career where I felt the need for a change, a desire to be challenged more and to grow my career. Instead of giving me cookie cutter advice and boasting of Cambridge's track record for success, he gave me advice as a colleague, attorney to attorney, about how I should recognize the real value of my abilities and my achievements and about how I should stand proudly on those accolades to open not just any doors but the right doors of opportunity. For the better part of an hour, our dialogue continued in that vein. I knew when I walked out of the doors of the Cambridge office that I had found more than a staffing agency; I had found an agency of real advocates who would do all they could to help me reach my professional goals and fulfill my potential. Fast forward three (3) months, and I receive a telephone call from Steve early one afternoon late in June about a job opportunity. The telephone call in and of itself was not unusual because Steve and I had developed such camaraderie, such a real bond that we often talked throughout any given week about job opportunities or just my personal concerns and thoughts about my career. Back to that June afternoon telephone call I could tell that this call was different because Steve seemed to speak with an urgency that I had never heard in his voice. He informed me that he had THE opportunity for me, the opportunity for which he and I both had been looking and waiting for the past three (3) months. When he heard the apprehension in my voice, he "strongly encouraged" me to go on the interview because he had a good feeling about this one. Trusting my advocate-friend, I put everything on hold for the remainder of the day, took his advice and went on the interview that very afternoon. I received a voicemail message from Steve that evening on my cell phone that I had gotten the job. He sounded just as excited as I felt and told me in his message to call him that evening (after work hours, no less) on his cell phone if I wanted to talk to him about it or otherwise he would call me the next morning to follow up. I started the job the next week, and two (2) months later, I am still beside myself with joy, excitement and contentment as I go to work everyday in an environment that nurtures my curiosity and thirst for knowledge, with people who respect my intellect and experience and appreciate my ambition.I will forever be grateful to and feel a special bond with the staff at Cambridge Counsel, especially Steve, for believing in me and my vision and for doing everything possible to transform my vision into my reality.
From Nicole E. Owens, Esq.
Chris at Cambridge is the best. I had used the same recruiter for over ten years and when they told me there were no jobs, I called Chris and, not only did I have two interviews by the end of the week, but I had a job in less than a month. He delivers honesty, support and nothing but quality positions.
From Rebecca Rodkin
With the stress of relocating to Georgia from Michigan and the assurances of an unreliable recruiter, I was at my wits end during my career search. I then turned to Cambridge. Working with my representative, in securing a position that suits my needs was very satisfying. She really knew what I was looking for and was positive during the whole process. I felt she was always keeping my best interests in mind when selecting and negotiating. https://herbalnutritionhealth.com
From Tanya Goudy
Cambridge Placements is the most reliable personnel agency for temporary and permanent staffing in Atlanta for the past 20 years. Cambridge employees are well screened and tested thus being the most cost and time effective agency in Atlanta. Cambridge Placement recruiters are timely and responsive to all of our staffing needs. Last minute or emergency temporary needs are their specialty. I can recommend Cambridge Placement without hesitation for all staffing needs.
From Director of Operations, Big Four Consulting Firm
The team at Cambridge have been an integral part of our firm. They take the time to understand the skills and experience that we require, as well as the personality that will make for a good fit. At the end of the day, it's about doing everything possible to ensure that both the firm and the new employee benefit from the placement. Working with Cambridge has been great. We've come to rely on their professionalism and their diligence to help us grow.
From Executive Director, Bloom Sugarman
CambridgeStaff is instrumental in helping me make sure that our firm's staffing needs are efficiently met at all times. Cambridge has a sixth sense when it comes to recommending candidates for our firm and stays on top of our temp needs at all times. I enjoy working with you.
From Firm Administrator
I loved working with Melissa. Always professional and responsive to every thing requested. Melissa presented Tiffany Hardy to the firm and she has been beyond amazing. We all adore Tiffany and she has been the perfect fit for our firm. Thank you Melissa and Cambridge Professional Group.
From Firm Administrator - Lynn Van Horn
I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I have enjoyed working with Cambridge over the years. I really feel that communication is the key to our working together for such a long time. You always listen to my needs; ask me questions if you need additional information and work very hard to find just the right person to fill the openings at our law firm. You send highly qualified people to interview. I do not know of another firm that does the extensive testing that you do on the candidates. Your assistance makes my job a lot easier and keeps our firm running smoothly. You have gone the extra mile to find out the personality/culture of our firm and this helps you send the right folks for an interview. I appreciate all of you.
From Firm Adminstrator
Before meeting with Cambridge, our firm asked rigorous but "standard" questions when interviewing candidates. As a small but rapidly growing company, we decided to place a stronger emphasis on our interviewing processes. For a consulting firm of our size, we simply can't afford to waste time in meaningless interviews, and certainly don't want to hire employees without thoroughly testing the extent to which they match our needs. So we decided to take our interviewing processes to the next level, and Cambridge was a critical factor in achieving our goal.

Cambridge sent one of their senior consultants to assist us in reviewing our interview process. She was very professional, organized and well-spoken. Unlike many such presentations, she not only presented the information, but helped us to understand precisely how it could immediately impact our business. The concept of a behavioral approach to interviewing and assessing potential candidates may not be new, but her view of measuring and assessing behavior is so easy to implement that we actually began using the Cambridge approach the very next day.

I would recommend Cambridge to any firm interested in extracting real value out each and every interview, both in terms of hiring the "right" candidates and avoiding the potential mismatches.
From Harold Ball (President, SRI Analytics)
This past year Cambridge has provided us with candidates of exceptional quality. They have worked diligently to understand our unique business so as to provide us only with candidates who are consummate professionals. Cambridge is directly responsible for the increase in the caliber of our staff.
From Joel Freedman, Esq.
The reason I have continued to work with you over the past 2 years is primarily because of the customer service you provide, not just to me but to the temporaries you employ. In my beginning at Cingular I remember you as willing to take care of the people working on our project-you took them to lunch, you gave rewards and you came to visit just to ensure they were doing well.

It was also impressive that you took the extra time to make sure we (the clients) were doing well (i.e. time consuming weekly meetings, lunches and continuous open communication). You were flexible in terms of the limits of the project (i.e. you extended the terms of the project to include the contracting organization's needs) and you kept in touch after the project was complete.

You pay attention to the little details. For example, when I asked questions like "what was Jennifer's start date?, how much do we pay for Matthew?, what invoices do I have outstanding?, give me an estimate of Cheryl's expenses for the last 10 days of the year so we can appropriately accrue?" I always got an answer quickly.

To be very blunt and honest, I know that I can deliver any request to you in any form and you will sort through it, interpret what I really need and provide me a solution. I have more on my plate than I can handle and I know I can rely on you to empathize with my situation and take ownership of your role as a service provider. I don't get the same level of service from the Company-selected administrative temporary provider. They require that I put a lot of effort into using their temporaries.
From Kym Alexander (AT&T /Cingular)
Cambridge is instrumental in helping me make sure that our firm's staffing needs are efficiently met at all times. Your recruiters have a sixth sense when it comes to recommending candidates for our firm and stay on top of our temp needs at all times. I enjoy working with Cambridge and find the staff extremely personable and reliable.

I have been dealing with Cambridge for many, many years now. The candidates you have chosen to help me fill my open or new positions have not only been well screened and talented, they have also proven to be a great fit for our firm culture. We take great pride in our personnel and I thank you for your years of excellent service assisting us to maintain the high level of expertise among our staff members. Keep up the good work.
From Pat Greco (Needle & Rosenberg, P.C.)
Grubb & Ellis Co., Real Property Administration, is very pleased with the quality and competence of the Temporary Employees we have been provided by Cambridge Staffing. WE are impressed with the background checks and testing that Cambridge does before they recommend an employee. Because of the competency of these employees all of our Projects have been completed on time and without having to do corrective work. Cambridge is always our first and last call
From Pete O'Callaghan
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