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Why Cambridge Professional Group For Your Next Job Search?

Doing a Job Search For job seekers, it all comes down to finding new job opportunities and who has access to them. Staffing companies and the recruiters who work for them, are an excellent source for finding a permanent position or temporary assignment. Understanding how we work and your role in our process is important to maximizing our value to you. Understanding the other search strategies you should employ is also important for you to conduct an effective job search.

Cambridge Professional Group and our recruiting consultants are a resource to help you with career transition. We not only help you locate career opportunities, we also consult with you to help determine your market value and assist you with the other aspects of your job search. Our recruiters spend most of their time networking with candidates and clients. Therefore, they are a valuable source of job opportunities that might fit your background and can provide valuable knowledge about the employer’s position, the company’s management, culture and more.

Our Commitment To You - First, and most importantly, we are committed to helping you find your next career opportunity! At Cambridge we believe we work for two equally important clients, job seekers and employers! We believe that unless we make a good match for both parties we have not done our jobs. Our commitment is to represent you fairly, provide honest feedback and consult with you on your search. Guided by our values our recruiters are dedicated to helping you throughout your job search.

It takes time and a complete job search to find the right opportunity. So persistence, patience and participation are the virtues that will help you achieve your goal of finding your next career opportunity, and we believe Cambridge Professional Group can play an important role in your job search.

Experience makes the difference
Our industry-experienced consultants work with you throughout your job search. Our expertise and knowledge will help guide you through the challenges of finding the best career opportunities available. Our success has been built on our reputation for quality. This is evidenced by the fact that over twenty-five percent of the candidates we work with are referred to us by others we have helped.

Count on us to help you identify the best job opportunities and to assist you with other important aspects of your search:

bulletProvide access to job opportunities with a broad range of employers.
bulletConsult with you on “your” search.
bulletPrepare and review your resume.
bulletDevelop job search strategies.
bulletUnderstand market compensation.
bulletPrepare for the interview process.
bulletNegotiate and understand salary and compensation packages.

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