Why Consider Working As A Temporary Employee for Cambridge?
Have you ever thought about working as a temporary? Becoming one of our labor forces’ “ flexible workers” is a serious career alternative for many. Working as a temporary is not what many people think! For many it is a career choice. At Cambridge, we have been employing temporary workers in a wide variety of positions throughout Atlanta since 1985. Many of our temporary employees have worked with us for years and enjoy the flexibility and benefits of this work lifestyle. A long time ago the word “temporary” had a negative connotation. We want you to know working as a temporary has grown to be a respectable work alternative, and temporary workers will continue to gain in number and stature in the future. Consider the following information.

On any given day, there are approximately 3 million temporary workers in the U.S., and this number is growing each year. Over 30% of these people choose to be a temporary worker, for a variety of reasons, and this percentage is growing each year. Over 90% of all companies use temporary workers as a routine part of their business. Use of temporary staffing allows companies of all sizes to enhance productivity and gain the all-important competitive advantage by embracing a “just-in-skill, just-in-time” human resource model.

The fastest growing segment of temporary employment is the professional worker. IT, Legal, Accounting, and Finance are examples. Since 1998, 52% of the growth in temporary positions has been in the professional ranks. The fact that these are some of the fastest-growing occupational categories among temporary workers attests to the trend that people of all skills and educational levels are opting for the flexibility and variety that a temporary employment lifestyle offers.

It is also important to know that benefits are available to the temporary worker. Cambridge offers everything from direct deposit, paid holiday / vacation pay, to health insurance reimbursement and a 401K Plan (see the enclosed list of benefits).

Another benefit of temporary work is (according to American Staffing Association data), that approximately 72% of temporary workers find a full-time job in less than a year while working with a staffing company. In fact, laid-off workers often use temporary employment as a bridge to a full-time position. Especially in periods of economic recovery, temporary positions may turn into full-time employment once the employer is ready to hire on a full-time basis.

As a staffing industry leader, Cambridge believes part of our role is to educate job seekers about temporary employment alternatives. We believe working as a temporary employee is a viable route to fulfilling employment and provides benefits beyond those of a permanent position.

Ask us about becoming one of our “flexible employees”, and remember.. "It's not where you work, it's what you know."

Flexibility to make your own schedule

Temporary work provides you maximum flexibility in your work schedule, plus it can provide all the benefits of full-time employment. Work as little or as much as you like, with the work schedule you choose, and enjoy a variety of business environments. No matter your situation, we can customize a work plan that suits you.

Temporary work is also an excellent way to get to know potential full-time employers. You have the opportunity to establish working relationships with potential hiring authorities while on the job. Many temporary assignments turn into permanent job offers, as employers and employees get to know each other. This has become so readily accepted that we offer clients our Temp-to-Hire Program, which formalizes this 'temp-to-perm' arrangement.

Cambridge is known for the high quality of its temporary workforce. If you want flexibility, variety and a chance to work for the best, then join our temporary workforce team. Qualifying employees enjoy comprehensive benefit plan.

Our Benefits:

  • Competitive pay rates
  • Weekly pay with direct deposit
  • Wide variety of work assignments and environments
  • Control of your work schedule
  • Health benefits include:
    • Major medical
    • Drug Card
    • Dental coverage
    • Life Insurance
  • Bonus Programs
  • 401K retirement savings program
  • 6 paid holidays through the year
  • Up to 10 paid vacation days
  • Paid referral
  • Skill development and training programs

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