Our Privacy Policy Statement

Cambridge Professional Group is committed to confidentiality and protecting your privacy. This Privacy Statement outlines how information from this site is used, who has access to this information and how CPG uses the information contained in your profile.

Information gathered through the candidate registration process and contained in your profile, IE: name, address, telephone number, is gathered to provide recruiters with the data needed to represent you as a candidate for job openings with our clients, and to assess your skills and background to determine whether you are a match for our clients job openings.

Cambridge Professional Group will use your information for the sole purpose of helping you obtain employment. Your information will not be shared with other recruiters or organizations outside of Cambridge Professional Group without your prior approval. Any information provided to Cambridge Professional Group is strictly confidential and intended for the sole use of our recruiting staff.

If you have questions, comments or concerns about Privacy Statement, please contact us at solutions@cambridgeprofessionals.com.