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What Is Discovery Assist?
Discovery Assist helps law firm partners, litigation support managers, and corporate legal departments manage the discovery process.

Discovery Assist capitalizes on the broad corporate, law firm, and E-Discovery vendor-side experience of its consultants, bridging gaps in the legal discovery process.

Discovery Assist provides oversight and consultative support for law firms and corporations engaged in active legal matters as well as offering proactive planning.

Discovery Assist uses a consultative approach to develop discovery plans, identify potentially relevant data for collection and processing, and manage expectations of law firm and corporate clients through the complex E-Discovery process.

Discovery Assist Process Overview

1. Discovery Process Planning
− Identifying people, processes, and plans necessary to get from start to finish
− Expectation setting to manage the discovery process

2. Solutions Consulting
− Information management, data mapping, and understanding where relevant information can be found
− Bringing IT, Legal, and Executive management together to understand shared challenges

3. Electronic Discovery Process Management
− Identifying electronic discovery vendors
− Overseeing the discovery process and from collection through review

4. Legal Review Hosting & Staffing
− Providing top notch legal professionals to conduct the actual legal review
− Secure facilities to host off-site review

5. Post-Litigation Remediation
− Managing results of discovery for future litigation
− Developing policies and procedures to minimize future risk

Key Challenges in Litigation and the Discovery Process
The Discovery Assist Process
How Discovery Assist Adds Value

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