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Discovery Assist
Discovery Assist helps law firm partners, litigation support managers, and corporate legal departments manage the discovery process.

Discovery Assist capitalizes on the broad corporate, law firm, and E-Discovery vendor-side experience of its consultants, bridging gaps in the legal discovery process.

Discovery Assist provides oversight and consultative support for law firms and corporations engaged in active legal matters as well as offering proactive planning.

Discovery Assist uses a consultative approach to develop discovery plans, identify potentially relevant data for collection and processing, and manage expectations of law firm and corporate clients through the complex E-Discovery process.

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Project Managers
Often, law firms find that they do not have the resources to staff and manage hosted legal review.  When these firms turn to contract attorneys and other temporary personnel to conduct legal review, there are a host of considerations around maintaining consistency in the review process, providing accurate results according to client expectations, as well as meeting strict timelines and tight budgets. 

CambridgePartners provides a wide array of service and staffing solutions for its corporate and law firm partners.  Not only does Cambridge provide value-added consulting solutions and experienced contract attorneys but we also make experienced team leaders and project managers available for projects and legal document review.

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Review Center
In addition to providing our clients with experienced contract attorneys, team leaders, and project managers, CambridgePartners also offers a fully functional, secure facility to host document review.

Conveniently located in Buckhead, the Cambridge Review Center spans over 2,000 square feet of Class A office space, offering the ideal environment for efficient, cost-effective review of electronically stored information.

The Cambridge Review Center provides a wide range of technology and security features, along with amenities that make the review process both cost-effective and efficient.

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